Soal dan Pembahasan Bab 1 Offering and Refusing Something – Bahasa Inggris SMP 2

Soal dan Pembahasan Bab 1 Offering and Refusing Something – Bahasa Inggris SMP 2

#Soal 1

Mrs Herina : Will you help me carrythese books, please?
Otto : …

a. Just leave them here.
b. Yes, those are my books.
c. No way, Mam.
d. Sure.

Untuk menanggapi permintaan tolong
kita dapat menggunakan sure.
Jawaban: d

#Soal 2

Tigor : It’s very hot here. …
Soni : All right.
a. Do you mind to close the door?
b. Can I see you open the door, please?
c. Could you open the window, please?
d. Do you mind if I close the door?

Untuk meminta tolong dengan sopan dapat menggunakan Could you …, please?
Jawaban: c

#Soal 3

Hatta : What do you want to drink, Rendi? Tea or Coffee?
Rendi : Well, I’d like some tea, please.
Hatta : Do you want some sugar in your tea?
Rendi : Yes, please.
The underlined words express ….
a. thanking people
b. inviting people
c. asking for something
d. offering something

Percakapan di atas jelas berisi tentang penawaran Hatta kepada Rendi untuk minum kopi atau teh.
Jawaban: d

#Soal 4

Jarot : Shall I carry your bag?
Miss Tika : …. I can carry it by myself.
Jarot : That’s all right.
a. You are welcome
b. Yes, please
c. Certainly
d. No, thanks

Untuk menolak tawaran seseorang, kita dapat mengucapkan Tidak, terima kasih.
Jawaban: d

#Soal 5

Kirana : Morning Sir. …?
Mr George : No, thanks.
a. What can I do for you
b. Something I can do for you
c. What would you like me to do
d. Would you help me with this bag

Percakapan di atas berisi penawaran sesuatu.
Jawaban: a

#Soal 6

James : Turn on the radio, please.
Hardi : ….
a. Sure
b. I think so
c. Sometimes
d. You look great

Sudah jelas
Jawaban: a

#Soal 7

Joko : Let’s play pingpong.
Hasan : All right, but I must clean the house before we play it.
Joko : Can I help you?
Hasan : … thank you. I can do it myself.
a. Yes
b. No
c. Sure
d. Alright

Untuk menolak tawaran bantuan, kita dapat menggunakan Tidak, terima kasih.
Jawaban: b

#Soal 8

Anin : May I help you carry these boxes?
Dita : … I can do it by myself.
a. Yes
b. Sure
c. Of course
d. Please don’t bother

Sudah jelas.
Jawaban: d

#Soal 9

Mother : The room is very dark.
Risma : Do you want me to turn on the light?
Mother : ….
a. That’s very kind of you
b. You are so helpless
c. Thank me very much
d. Don’t bother me

Untuk menanggapi tawaran bantuan, kita dapat menggunakan ekspresi Oh baik sekali kamu.
Jawaban: a

#Soal 10

Rita : Can you get me some drink?
Ina : ….
a. No problem
b. You could, too
c. I’ll make sure
d. Be my guest

Untuk merespons permintaan bantuan, kita dapat menggunakan ekspresi: No problem (Tidak masalah).
Jawaban: a

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