Learning English Conversation at Home

English Conversation at Home

English Conversation at Home

Talking about Family

Part 1

Situation: Husin visited Rudi, his classmate, at his home on Monday afternoon.

Husin   : Hi, Rudi. Good afternoon.

Rudi     : Good afternoon, Husin.

Husin   : How are you today?

Rudi     : Fine, thanks. Are you fine too?

Husin   : Yes, I’m fine too. Are you alone at home now?

Rudi     : Yes, my parents are at grandpa’s house now?

Husin   : And where are your brother and sister?

Rudi     : My brother is still at school. He has extracurricular activity. My sister is at her friend’s house.


Part 2

Husin   : Oh, emm, let’s talk about your family. What’s your father’s name?

Rudi    : His name is Mr. Ardianto.

Husin   : What is he?

Rudi    : He is a teacher.

Husin   : And who is your mother? What is she?

Rudi    : Her name is Mrs. Lia. She is a housewife.

Husin   : Great. And your brother and sister?

Rudi    : My brother’s name is Bima. He is now on grade third of junior high school. My sister’s name is Tina and she is on second grade of senior high school.


Part 3

Husin   : By the way, the photograph on the wall looks great. Who is on the photo?

Rudi     : Yeah, it is the photograph when I was still a baby.

Husin   : Oh, you’re so funny, hahaha….

Rudi     : Yeah, hahaha, I was so fat and cute.

Husin   : When were you born, Rudi?

Rudi     : I was born on September 17th, 2001. What about you, Husin?

Husin   : I was born on June 23th, 2001.


Part 4

Husin   : Yeah, I know a lot about your family. Next time I hope I can meet them all.

Rudi    : Right. You can visit here anytime.

Husin   : That will be great. By the way, it’s time for me to go home. I have homework to do. See you later, Rudi.

Rudi    : See you, Husin.




In those conversations, we find some expressions:

  • Good afternoon.
  • How are you today?
  • Are you fine too?

Those are for greeting. The following are some expressions for greeting and for responding it.

Good morning.

Good afternoon.

Good evening.

How are you/how is life/how are things/what's up?

How’re you doing?



Good morning.

Good afternoon.

Good evening.

I'm fine thank you, and you.





Then, look at the following expressions you have read.

  • And where are your brother and sister?
  • What’s your father’s name?
  • What is he?
  • And who is your mother?
  • When were you born, Rudi?


Those expressions are used to ask for information. Study the following expressions.

To Ask AboutQuestionResponses
NameWhat’s his name?His name’s ………………
Is she Denisa?Yes, She is/No, she is not.
OriginWhere are you from?I’m from ………………
Are you from Medan?Yes, I’m./No, I’m not.
AgeHow old are you?I’m twelve./I’m twelve years old.
How old is she?She’s twelve./ She’s twelve years old.
AddressWhat is your/her/his address?It is Jalan Yos Sudarso number 34, Makassar.
Where do you live?I live at Jalan Yos Sudarso number 34, Makassar.
Where does she/he/Anna live?She/He/Anna lives at Jalan Yos Sudarso number 34, Makassar.
Telephone numberWhat’s your/her/his telephone number?Zero three one – five six seven - eight nine seven ((031) 567 897)
CharacteristicsWhat does he/she/Doni look like?He/she/Doni is tall and muscular. He has a moustache.


Then, you also find expressions like these.

  • By the way, it’s time for me to go home.
  • See you later, Rudi.

The first is for pre-closing the conversation. The second is for parting or closing the conversation.

Study the following expressions for pre-closing and closing the conversation.


I really must go now.

It was nice to see you.

I’ve got to go.

Got to go now.

Nice to meet you.

Nice to see you.

OK. See you.

See you again.

Goodbye, Rudi.

Good night.

Have a nice weekend.

See you later.

So long.

Have a nice day.


Good night.

You too.

See you.

So long. Take care.

Have a nice day.


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