Soal dan Pembahasan Bab 8 Compliment and Congratulation – Bahasa Inggris SMP 2

Soal dan Pembahasan Bab 8 Compliment and Congratulation – Bahasa Inggris SMP 2

#Soal 1

Mr Rohmad : I heard that you’ve passed your exams. …, Didi!
Didi : Thank you very much, Sir.
a. Wish me luck
b. Well done
c. I’m sorry to hear that
d. Thank you

Dialog di atas merupakan ucapan selamat Mr Rohmad kepada Didi karena telah lulus ujian dengan baik. Jawaban yang paling tepat adalah well done.
Jawaban: b

#Soal 2

Sarah : Watch RCTI tonight. My brother, Robby is on RCTI at eight o’clock. He always makes me happy.
Dina : Sure, I will.
From the underlined sentence we know that Sarah feels … her brother.
a. proud of
b. angry with
c. dissapointed at
d. doubtful about

Proud of = bangga, angry with = marah, dissapointed at = kecewa, doubtful about = meragukan. Dari dialog di atas jelas terlihat bahwa Robby, adik Sarah selalu membuat Sarah bahagia. Jadi bisa disimpulkan bahwa Sarah bangga (proud of) terhadap adiknya.
Jawaban: a

#Soal 3

Amir always fi nishes his work at fi rst before the others do. Amir is a … boy.
a. slowly
b. slow
c. quickly
d. fast

Karena Amir selalu menyelesaikan pekerjaannya pertama kali daripada teman-temannya, maka dia dikatakan seorang yang cekatan (fast).
Jawaban: d

#Soal 4

… your shoes before you enter the mosque!
a. Took off
b. Take off
c. Takes off
d. Taking off

Lepaslah sepatumu sebelum memasuki masjid! Kalimat ini merupakan kalimat perintah sehingga harus menggunakan infinitive.
Jawaban: b

#Soal 5

Yanti : Have you heard that you have been promoted to be a marketing manager?
Adi : Oh, …. Thank God.
a. it’s a nuisance
b. it is a terrible
c. I haven’t heard about it
d. it’s really wonderful

Adi bersyukur karena telah dipromosikan menjadi manajer marketing.
Jawaban: d

#Soal 6

1. Violence on TV is very bad for children.
2. My children feel scared to sleep alone after watching TV.
3. They watch TV program, then they play very violent game.
4. They pretend to kill each other like they watch on TV.
The best arrangement to make a good paragraph is ….
a. 4-1-2-3
b. 1-2-3-4
c. 3-4-1-2
d. 2-3-4-1

Urutan kalimat pertama yang tepat dalam membuat paragraf yaitu mengetahui secara umum masalah yang dibahas yaitu ‘Violence on TV is very bad for children’ (1).
Jawaban: b

#Soal 7

Rana : Where did you on Saturday evening, Sasha?
Sasha : I went to Pondok Indah mall, but I … buy anything.
a. wasn’t
b. don’t
c. didn’t
d. haven’t

Ungkapan yang digunakan adalah Simple Past Tense. Jadi jawabannya “didn’t.
Jawaban: c

#Soal 8

Ratna : Did you join the English speech contest last week?
Nabila : No, I didn’t. What about you?
Ratna : … did I.
a. Either
b. So
c. Neither
d. Also

Untuk melengkapi jawaban di atas adalah ‘Neither’.
Jawaban: c

#Soal 9

Abi : Do you know Ikhsan?
Adit : Yes, I do.
Abi : He won the grand prize for Math competition last year.
Adit : He is … clever … kind to everyone.
a. neither – nor
b. not only – but also
c. both – or
d. either – as well

Jawaban yang tepat adalah ‘Not only’ (tidak hanya) – ‘but also’ (tetapi juga).
Jawaban: b

#Soal 10

Prita : Congratulation on your birthday.
Please, take this present.
Yuna : Oh great. …
Prita : I know that is your favorite pet.
a. What a cute kitty!
b. How beautiful fl ower!
c. What a bad kitty!
d. How bad fl ower!

Sudah jelas
Jawaban: a

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