Soal dan Pembahasan Bab 13 Expression for Starting, Extending, and Ending Conversation – Bahasa Inggris SMP 2

Soal dan Pembahasan Bab 13 Expression for Starting, Extending, and Ending Conversation – Bahasa Inggris SMP 2

#Soal 1

Jack : Nice day, isn’t it?
Nia : You’re right.
Jack : By the way I am Jack.
The underlined words in the dialogue above is used to ….
a. ask about the weather
b. initiate a conversation
c. make sure about a name of a day
d. confi rm something

Kalimat yang digaris bawah merupakan kalimat untuk mengawali percakapan (start a conversation).
Jawaban: b

#Soal 2

Lila : Excuse me, you are Momon, aren’t you?
Momon : Yes, you’re right.
The underlined expression is used to ….
a. to apologize for a mistake
b. as for a permission
c. correct something
d. initiate a conversation

Ekspresi yang digaris bawah merupakan ekspresi untuk mengawali percakapan (initiate a conversation)
Jawaban: d

#Soal 3

Driver : Is anything wrong, Miss?
Jane : …?
Driver : Are you serious, Miss?
Jane : Yes, my class starts in ten minutes. I don’t want to be late or my professor will get angry with me.
Driver : As you wish, Miss.
a. You drive very fast, don’t you?
b. Can you drive more slowly?
c. Could you drive a little faster, please?
d. Do you always drive slowly, driver?

Pada percakapan di atas Jane meminta sopir untuk mempercepat mobil atau dia akan terlambat masuk ke kelas.
Jawaban: c

#Soal 4

James : You look very busy. …
John : Hi, James, I am finishing my assignment.
a. What are you doing?
b. Are you busy?
c. Are you doing something?
d. How are you?

Pada percakapan di atas James memulai percakapan dengan menanyakan kepada John apa yang sedang dikerjakannya karena dia kelihatan sibuk mengerjakan sesuatu.
Jawaban: a

#Soal 5

Kunti : Oh, it’s a beautiful day, isn’t it?
Yanti : …
Kunti : Shall we go to the beach?
Yanti : Wonderful
a. I don’t think so.
b. Yeah, I like it very much.
c. It’s nothing special.
d. I don’t know.

Pada dialog di atas Kunti memulai percakapan dengan kalimat Oh, it’s a beautiful day, isn’t it? Jawaban Yanti yang paling tepat adalah dia sangat senang cuaca di hari itu dan sangat setuju untuk pergi ke pantai.
Jawaban: b

This dialogue is for number 6–9.
Mr Brugmann : Good evening, Doc.
Doctor : Good evening, please sit down. What can I do for you?
Mr Brugmann : I have a terrible stomach ache, cold, and a headache.
Doctor : OK. Let me examine you. Would you put your shirt off, please? Let
me check your stomach. Hmm, you have an infection in it.

#Soal 6

Where does the dialogue take place?
a. at the office
b. at the doctor’s room
c. at the market
d. at the school

Percakapan itu sudah jelas terjadi di ruang praktik dokter.
Jawaban: b

#Soal 7

When does Mr Brugmann come to the doctor?
a. In the morning
b. In the middle of the night
c. In the evening
d. In the afternoon

Mr Brugmann datang ke tempat praktik dokter pada sore hari. Hal ini terlihat pada awal dialog Mr Brugmann menyapa dokter dengan ‘Good evening, Doc.’ (Selamat sore, Dok.)
Jawaban: d

#Soal 8

What happens to Mr Brugmann? He got ….
a. toothache, sore throat, and broken legs
b. sorehead, sore throat, and toothache
c. headache, stomach ache, and cold
d. headache, sore throat, and toothache

Mr Brugmann menderita sakit perut, demam, dan sakit kepala.
Jawaban: c

#Soal 9

What is the test result?
a. There is an infection.
b. There isn’t anything.
c. There is a serious headache.
d. There is a broken leg.

Mr Brugmann ternyata mengalami infeksi di perutnya. (Hmm, you have an infection in it.)
Jawaban: a

#Soal 10

Haidar : I don’t think we’ve met. My name is Haidar.
Wahyu : Hello, Haidar, nice to meet you.
The underlined words indicate that Haidar wants to ….
a. end a conversation
b. initiate a conversation
c. have a nice talk
d. avoid a nice talk

Pada percakapan di atas Haidar ingin memulai percakapan (initiate a conversation) dengan memperkenalkan diri.
Jawaban: b

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