Soal dan Pembahasan Bab 4 Apology and Gratitude Part 2 – Bahasa Inggris SMP 1

Soal dan Pembahasan Bab 4 Apology and Gratitude Part 2 – Bahasa Inggris SMP 1

#Soal 1

What should teacher say when the students make a noise in the class room.
a. Go away!
b. Don’t go anywhere!
c. Silent please!
d. Sit down please!

Untuk menenangkan siswa yang ramai di dalam kelas, kita dapat menggunakan Silent, please! atau Be quiet!
Jawaban: c

#Soal 2

Melly : Excuse me sir, I lost my hand phone.
Headmaster : It’s okay Melly. Your friend found it.
Melly : Are you sure?
Headmaster : Yes I am. But you must ….
Melly : Yes Sir, I will not be messy again.
The instruction word to fill the empty statement is ….
a. be smart
b. be careful
c. be intelligent
d. be diligent

Kepala sekolah mengatakan bahwa teman Melly menemukan handphone-nya yang hilang dan berpesan agar lain kali lebih hati-hati.
Jawaban: b

#Soal 3

School counselor : Why don’t you come early?
Student : Sorry, I did my home work until 12 p.m. last night.
School counselor : Why didn’t you do at noon after school?
Student : I played football, Sir.
School counselor : Ok! …
a. Don’t go late again.
b. Don’t come late again.
c. Don’t play late again.
d. Don’t do late again.

School counselor menasihati agar si pelajar tidak terlambat lagi masuk sekolah.
Jawaban: b

#Soal 4

The statement to respond an apologetic expression from someone is …
a. No problem.
b. No, I am okay.
c. No, thank you.
d. No, it is not.

Untuk merespons permintaan maaf seseorang kita dapat menggunakan No problem.
Jawaban: a

#Soal 5

Mrs Jenny : … I am late to return back your money.
Mrs Dewi : That’s all right. I don’t need it for this time.
Mrs Jenny : I will give you soon after I get my salary.
Mrs Dewi : Thanks for your commitment.
a. I am sorry
b. We are apologize
c. Excuse me
d. Nevermind

Dalam percakapan di atas Mrs Jenny meminta maaf kepada Mrs Dewi karena dia terlambat mengembalikan uang yang dipinjamnya.
Jawaban: a

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