Soal dan Pembahasan Bab 12 Asking for and Giving Opinion – Bahasa Inggris SMP 1

Soal dan Pembahasan Bab 12 Asking for and Giving Opinion – Bahasa Inggris SMP 1

#Soal 1

A person who travels for pleasure is called ….
a. a tourist
b. a foreigner
c. a stranger
d. a visitor

Orang yang bepergian untuk menyenangkan hati disebut turis (tourist).
Jawaban: a

#Soal 2

The smoke from vehicles and factories … the air.
a. destroys
b. pollutes
c. contaminates
d. poisons

Destroys: membinasakan; pollutes: mencemari; contaminates: mengotori; poisons: meracuni. Asap kendaraan dan pabrik mencemari (pollutes) udara.
Jawaban: b

#Soal 3

Woman: …
Man : Certainly.
a. What is the weather like?
b. Who’s speaking please?
c. Could you carry this bag for me, please?
d. How do you like it?

Untuk menanyakan sesuatu atau meminta pertolongan dengan cara yang sopan kita dapat menggunakan kata tanya could you/would you … please? Dan bila kita berniat menolongnya maka jawabnya adalah Certainly.
Jawaban: c

#Soal 4

In the internet you can see a monitor. The popular word for a monitor is ….
a. a television
b. a display
c. a station
d. a screen

Kata umum dari monitor yaitu layar (screen).
Jawaban: d

#Soal 5

John : There are many youngsters who want to study abroad, but some of them fail.
Dicky : Some of them fail because … of speaking good English.
a. they have a chance
b. they are incapable
c. they are capable
d. they have a little chance

Kalimat di atas mengungkapkan tentang ketidakmampuan.
Jawaban: b

#Soal 6

The best arrangement of the following sentence is …
1. We have to jog at least three times a week or every other day.
2. We can jog on the streets, in the big squares, in the park, etc.
3. We only need a pair of running shoes, a sport shirt, shorts, and shocks.
4. So, don’t jog only on Sundays.
5. Jogging does not need a lot of money.
6. If we want to make our body fit.
a. 6-1-2-4-5-3
b. 5-2-6-1-3-4
c. 5-3-2-6-1-4
d. 6-1-5-3-2-4

Sudah jelas.
Jawaban: c

#Soal 7

The scientist had carried out their experiment and the result … a lot of people.
a. astonished
b. improved
c. attempted
d. developed

astonished = mengherankan; improved = meningkatkan; attempted = mencoba; developed = membangun
Jawaban: a

#Soal 8

If a bank extends credit, it means that the bank ….
a. pays interest
b. is making profit
c. implements monetary policy
d. makes money available to customers on certain conditions

Extend credit artinya menyediakan uang untuk pelanggan pada kondisi tertentu.
Jawaban: d

#Soal 9

Kunthi : Hi, Fred. Have you fi nished your English paper? It’s too diffi cult for me. I can’t do it.
Freddy : Let’s do it together.
Kunthi : O.K.
In the dialogue above Kunthi expresses her ….
a. incapability
b. uncertainty
c. impatience
d. disappointment

Kunthi tidak mampu menyelesaikan tugasnya (incapability).
Jawaban: a

#Soal 10

Mr Nababan : Did you throw those letters away?
Nina : Yes, Sir. Should I … them again?
Mr Nababan : Of course. They are confi dential letters.
a. collect
b. collected
c. collecting
d. be collected

Setelah modal (should) diikuti oleh infinitive.
Jawaban: a

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